Bullseye for the Sockeye City Grill!

I finally got a day off today and I’m lucky enough that the sun’s out! Perfect time to actually go out despite the cold and take a walk in one of the best places to visit in Richmond: Steveston Village*

I’ve been eating a lot of meat lately so I wanted to get out and get a hearty meal with greens and seafood with my sister! Of course, there’s so many awesome seafood places in the area so I made my choice based on (1) I wanted to eat somewhere I’ve never tried before and (2) I’m going for the place that’s getting a lot customers at 11 AM. The Sockeye City Grill had both! I was still taking pictures of the dock and the exterior of the restaurant when a wave of people started entering once the sign on the door was flipped to “Open”. That was enough to convince me to try it out!

From outside, the restaurant is quite large with the typical ‘wharf’ look. Wooden planks, green and beige motif, a red streamer lining the edges of the roof and a huge ‘Take Out” sign with all their seafood specialties on the menu.There’s also a lot of seats on the patio for people who want the fresh air during the summer (BAD idea in this weather hahaha).

Inside is very inviting with a brighter color scheme of yellow and blue but still has a definite ocean vibe. The walls are lined with paintings of the sea as well as wood carvings of ships. The decor is very eye catching but still very much in line with the seaside theme. It actually mimics the concept of ‘open restaurants by the water’ with its row of lamp posts, and the railings dividing the first floor reminds me of “decks” that’s reminiscent of being aboard a ship! There’s also a bar situated at the front of house next to the hostess’ station for those who want to order any mixers and beer (to be delivered to you)!

The menu is definitely a seafoodfest of sorts ranging from fresh fish (salmon, halibut, cod) to fresh shellfish (crab, lobsters, oysters)! For those meat lovers out there, you’d be happy to know that they also have steak and chicken on the menu! :p I’ll post a link to a copy of their menu at the bottom for those who are interested! πŸ™‚


For the main event, we actually ordered a total of 4 things on the menu including an appetizer and a dessert.


WEST COAST CRAB CAKES – pan fried crab cakes with a charred tomato aioli and mixed greens ($12)

I’ve tasted a LOT of crab cakes and most of them are very dry. Plus, you just know that it’s filled with frozen or canned crabs that’s been in storage for months! THIS one on the other hand was beautifully fried with a crispy crust without the oily residue. Inside though is a completely different story. The filling is soft and very textured with a whole lot of crab! You can actually see the little strings of chopped crab meat mixed in there! It’s such a simple dish, but the play of flavors is right on the money. The tang of the tomato aioli goes really well with the sweetness of the crab. There’s a hint of citrus in there from the freshly squeezed lemon and just a bit of earthy taste from the chopped celery. This plus the crispy golden brown crust makes one of the best crab cakes I have ever tasted! As an added bonus, the side of greens was drizzled with a homemade blueberry vinaigrette dressing that’s organic and vegetarian.


QUEEN CHARLOTTE HALIBUT – Steamed or pan seared halibut with a choice of lemon caper dill butter sauce or cream mushroom leek sauce with steamed rice and seasonal vegetables ($22)

I had mine pan seared with the lemon caper sauce and it was awesome! The fish was perfectly cooked and not overly seasoned so the sweetness of the fish actually comes through (this is why i love halibut!). It has a beautiful sear on both sides which gave the fish an almost crispy exterior that works beautifully with the flakiness of the fish. They’ve definitely lived up to their name since the halibut is one of their specialties! πŸ™‚

SOCKEYE BURGER – Grilled wild BC salmon with caramelized onion jam finished with honey mustard glaze finished with a side of fresh cut fries ($15)

My sister ordered this but I did take a bite or two or three so I know how it tastes like! First off, what surprised me the most was the portion! It’s definitely way huge, almost the size of 2 regular burgers! We had to cut it in half so it can fit in our hands! The salmon is definitely very good, although I find that the sauces in the burger overpowered the fish a little. It all still works, but I probably would’ve preferred it with lesser dressing.


SEASONAL CRUMBLE – Berry crumble served with vanilla ice cream ($5.75)

This is probably the highlight of my meal! Fresh, out of the oven ramekins filled with seasoned blueberries, strawberries and raspberries with just a hint of sugar makes it the perfect fruity dessert. The flavors are so fresh it tastes like you’re eating freshly picked fruits that got turned into a homemade jam with lots of chunks! The already perfect concoction is topped with crunchy oats plus a dollop of ice cream makes it the perfect combination of contrasting textures. The crunchy and the juicy + the cool creamy vanilla ice cream and the warm tang of the fruits literally creates a party in your mouth that blew me away. I would seriously drive back there just to eat this baby! This is definitely a MUST TRY!

Ultimate Berry Dessert

Overall, my lunch at Sockeye City Grill was definitely topnotch! Even the service was excellent. I even got to talk to the manager for a bit despite it being crazy busy by the time we were halfway done with our meal. I learned a couple tidbits about the restaurant as well from our quick conversation. The restaurant has been around for almost a decade now and the manager, James Vernon, has been managing it for half that time. He personally trains all the employees regardless of their positions which adds to the consistency of the place. It’s definitely well run, so I’m hoping it’ll be around for years to come! πŸ˜€


Seating Capacity: 140 guests (Great place to bring your family)

Hours of Operation: 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM (depending on how busy)

Phone Number: +1-604-275-6790

Address: 108-3800 Bayview Street Steveston, BC V7E6K5

Website: http://www.sockeycity.com

MENU: http://www.sockeyecity.com/qs/page/3294/0/-1

Sockeye City Grill on Urbanspoon


*For those who haven’t been to Steveston Village, it’s definitely a very good place to visit on a sunny day or if you just want to chill and take in the fresh air! It’s right beside the water so it’s extra cold during the winter, but it’s still pretty much an amazing place to kick back and relax if you want to go somewhere else other than the mall! Different quaint shops ranging from small patisseries, a multitude of restaurants, bookshops, small vintage antique shops, and little specialty stores are sure to pique anyone’s interest (Definitely kept me there for over 2 hours! Would’ve stayed an extra hour if I didn’t leave my scarf at home :p). I’ll probably do a lot more posts on the different shops here since there’s just a lot of hidden awesomeness (hehe) in this area. So stay tuned for that! πŸ˜€


5 responses to “Bullseye for the Sockeye City Grill!

  1. Awesome work!:) keep it up and im hoping for more great works to come!:) will definitely try this place when i go back to canada!

    • yup took them all myself! πŸ™‚ I only cropped and enhanced the color a bit but that’s basically untouched πŸ™‚ Thanks for reading!! πŸ˜€

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